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“The Rhythms of One World International Choral Festival” in 2014 will take place in Geneva, Switzerland, the Peace Capital and home of the UN in Europe, from July 4 – 8, 2014.  The 2014 Festival is sponsored in part by the Permanent Missions to the UN in Geneva of Romania, Switzerland, USA, and Trinidad & Tobago, the protocol of the Republic and canton of Geneva, the FDFA, the City of Geneva, the Chorale du Cháble/France, and others.

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Since 2012, Friendship Ambassadors Foundation has produced and directed “The Rhythms of One World International Choral Festival”, an international choral festival that unites voices from across the glob while also celebrating the United Nations’ ‘birthday’, the signing of the UN Charter “We the Peoples” (June 1945).  The Festival reinforces Friendship Ambassadors Foundation’s mission: promoting mutual understanding and global cooperation through music.  Beyond that, it has been a meaningful celebration of one of the world’s most important events:  the birth of the United Nations.  Celebrating this event with our colleagues at the UN, hundreds of young voices through the world, and thousands of spectators has enabled new thinking about the role of culture and the arts within the UN system.

In 2012 the “Rhythms of One World International Choral Festival” was inaugurated in New York City and headlined as New York’s Largest global choral event.  7 legendary choirs from South Africa, Luxembourg, Canada, Trinidad & Tobago, Australia, Norway and the USA participated in the Festival held from June 25 to June 30, 2012.  The Festival opened to great fanfare at Lincoln Center, NY Philharmonic Avery Fisher Hall in Manhattan, with rave reviews from the New York Times, and a full house of impressed audience members.  The Lincoln Center concert was a fundraiser for the NGOs (nonprofit organizations) formally associated with the United Nations (the daily voice of civil society at the UN).  100% of all ticket sales generated by the organization, NGO DPI, went to their efforts to represent the nearly 2000 NGOs working at the UN from throughout the world, every day.  The Festival closed later that week at the UN General Assembly Hall, where diplomats from across the globe offered their support and endorsement for these efforts.

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Throughout the week, private and public events like music workshops, and mini-concerts throughout NYC took place to commemorate and actively showcase the premiere of New York’s biggest international choir festival, “The Rhythms of One World”.  At least four of the international choirs were featured on Good Morning America and the Today Show; several were also hosted by their Consulates in receptions during their stay.  Among others, the South African Kearnsey Choir went to Washington DC afterwards, with FAF’s Mrs. Jou along with them, for concerts at the Kennedy Center, Arena Stage and then onward to the World Choir Games in Cincinnati, Ohio, where they won the gold medal for being one of the best youth choirs in the world.

What makes this festival truly unique is its focus not only on great performances, but on the role of the universal language of music in promoting intercultural understanding, global cooperation, and peace.  In large part, this is due to the festival being a production of Friendship Ambassadors Foundation.

In 2015 “The Rhythms of One World International Choral Festival” will return to New York City and the UN Headquarters during the last week of June, 2015.  Additional information on the NYC 2015 Festival will be available soon.

Plans are also underway for a special edition – festival in Ireland, to be held from January 12 – 19, 2015.  The Festival in Ireland will be in collaboration with the Royal Irish Academy of Music, the Association of Irish Choirs, and Tourism Ireland, among others.  For more information on this special edition of the Festival, click HERE.