Booster Tours

Booster Tours

BASIC IDEA: Add to your numbers by inviting friends along, who pay an extra, tax deductible amount to join a your parallel tour as companions or boosters.

This is how it works:

  • FAF facilitates BOTH your tour AND the Companion Tour as two separate tours
  • The two itineraries converge at all the appropriate points: Concerts, Receptions & Special Events, etc.
  • The rest of the time, your Companions enjoy excursions while you focus on your art
  • FAF accepts complete liability for BOTH tours

These are the benefits:

  • YOUR GROUP receives a tax deductible donation from EACH Companion,
  • alleviating the cost to your members
  • YOUR GROUP keeps any extra free places AND
  • All the good public relations
  • YOUR COMPANIONS get a “rebate” in the form of a tax refund!

Bring along your friends, alumni, another pre-formed group, even neighbors from your community. This is a sure winner: no risk, no major investment, no extra work on the tour!

Sound good so far?

Then how about this? Between your group’s travels, use this idea as a familiarization tour & fund raiser:

Some directors, who know where their group will travel in a coming year, engage FAF to make these tours for ALL their cultural friends PRIOR to taking their main group abroad. Then the tour becomes a FUND RAISING, CULTURE TOUR and a FREE, WORKING TOUR for the group leader!

FAF has a number of intriguing and upscale experiences to offer your boosters – or we will be happy to create a customized tour just for them! For instance, our special food, wine and culture tour offers memorable experiences while supporting your organization.

Here are some real-life examples:

FAF recently worked with a community choir in Philadelphia. They attracted 50 companion couples, who traveled with the choir to London during their concert tour. Those 100 companions were charged an extra $500 per person for the tour. All of that money was refunded directly to the choir by FAF after the tour was completed. That represents a $50,000 fund-raiser with no overhead, no hall rentals, no organizational risks, and nothing to buy in advance.

Another FAF Companion tour to Austria and the Czech Republic involved 60 companions. Each were charged $300 over the cost of the actual tour, yielding $18,000 and three extra free places to the group. They raffled of one of those ‘free’ spots and found even more funds. They ‘gave away’ one of the free spots to that year’s largest annual donor and received even more from the donor in the following year: talk about strategy!

How are we better than just doing this on your own without FAF:

Most nonprofit, tax exempt organizations and schools cannot access this tax deductible benefit because the IRS states that this kind of fund raising can only be developed by organizations that have travel central to their nonprofit mission – or else the group is forced to pay ‘Unrelated Business Income Tax’ (UBIT) – and lose a substantial portion of their gains.

And … our travel insurance protects you and your group from liability, too!

And… FAF has the worldwide reach to make this idea a great money-maker

And… as our low, nonprofit fees are built into the per person travel costs, we do not charge your group anything for this added service!

AND: It does not matter with whom the main group is traveling. Only a nonprofit like FAF can offer these development tours, so you can call us about this offer … no matter which tour operator you have chosen to travel the main tour with.

Want more details & a list of other fund raising tips? Contact us!