Concert Tour News

Concert Tour News

Seeking impact when you travel?
Experience what many have known for decades: Travel with FAF Changes Lives

“I applaud the efforts of FAF!”

-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

“After having been on numerous concert tours organized by various operators and in many different countries, I have finally found the answer to any choir or performing ensemble: Friendship Ambassadors Foundation.”

-Bernard Krüger, Director of Music Kearsney College, South Africa

… & now’s the perfect time to start planning for 2014!

Here are some great 2013 & 2014 group and individual ideas for your FAF travel life-changing experience.

Special Note For Groups and Ensembles of 25 – 500: FAF provides ideas but also CUSTOMIZES trips worldwide at your request: From Asia to Africa, the US to the Caribbean, Europe and Latin America, too: the possibilities are endless!

2014/Groups: Build Hope while Experiencing the Real Ecuador

This summer, spend two weeks helping to build a much needed cultural/ community center in the rainforest in Ecuador. Live and work with local families as you share in their culture and way of life. This is sure to be an unforgettable experience where you will make lasting relationships and treasured memories.

Dates: July 6-18, 2013
For more information, click here
For inquiries, write to or call +1-800-526-2908.

2013/Ensembles: Perform at the Annual Youth Assembly at the United Nations

with a special appearance at the United Culture Peace Arts Festival in New York City, UN Headquarters NYC

Perform at the United Nations, the Youth Assembly’s Culture Night, and other local venues in Manhattan! Included: A very special appearance at the U C Peace Arts Festival in New York City! Engage in exclusive cultural exchanges with hundreds of youth leaders from around the world! Learn how to use the arts to promote peace and mutual understanding in workshops designed especially for performance ensembles! Join nearly 1000 delegates discussing youth led development and the success of the 8 U.N. Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Special YA UN Focus in 2011: The Role of the Arts in MDG success.

Dates: August 7-9, 2013
For more information, click here or visit our blog
For inquiries, write to or call +1-800-526-2908.

2014/Choirs: A Multi-National Choral Experience in Geneva


One week prior to the 2014 World Choir Games, join a unique opportunity to sing at the United Nations and other great venues in Geneva. Friendship Ambassadors Foundation invites choirs from around the world to participate in a festival “The Rhythms of One World 2012” to foster cultural unity through song in celebration of the anniversary of the signing of the UN Charter on June 26. As if singing with some of the best choirs from across the globe wasn’t enough, you’ll also be singing in one of the most exciting and culturally diverse cities in the world. New York has long been considered one of the major cultural capitals of the world, and the United Nations is the perfect setting to host this festival. Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of this special event!

Dates: June 24-30, 2014
International choirs especially welcome!
For priority consideration, apply by June 14, 2013.
For more information, please contact FAF Artistic Director
Yin-Chu Jou at or +1-800-526-2908.

2014/Orchestras: Perform in Magnificent Italia & Romantic France


If you have a week or more to spare at the end of June through July 2014, let FAF show you the best of what Italy and France have to offer through a customized concert tour for your ensemble. Perform in internationally-recognized Orchestra Festivals in Florence, Tuscany and Provence. See history books come to life as you tour the most famous sites of Italy and France, and perform in culturally significant spaces while having meaningful cultural exchange with other youth orchestras from around the world similar to yours.

Dates: June 28- July 26, 2014
Contact Artistic Director Yin-Chu Jou at or
1-800-526-2908 for details.

2014/ALL: Spectacular South Africa

Come with us to share your music and tour the culture, sights, and sounds of majestic South Africa. From a Zulu cultural show, to the bustling cities of Johannesburg and Cape Town, to the natural wonders of Umfolozi Game Reserve and much more, there truly is something for everyone in South Africa. Be part of cultural exchange where you’ll learn what is means to be South African. This tour is sure to be as meaningful as it is fun!

Contact Artistic Director Yin-Chu Jou at or
1-800-526-2908 for details.

2014/Groups 25++: Almost Anywhere

Anyone can invent a tour itinerary or festival, only FAF has 40 years of experience and partnerships that make them special and ‘impactful.’ When your group or ensemble thinks about a concert tour, service tour, festival involvement, or edutour abroad, don’t make a move without consulting FAF first.
Since these experiences have become popular, FAF has been there for you: “I know of few projects today that succeed more in helping our young musicians do what they do best: share the magic & glory of music with their love of people & their zest for new adventures.” – Alice Tully


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