About the Producers

Friendship Ambassadors Foundation (FAF; www.faf.org)

FAF is a nonprofit organization formally associated with the UN Department of Public Information and NGO in Consultative Status with UNESCO.  Now celebrating its 40th anniversary, with over two decades of consistent managerial leadership, FAF is well respected for its biennial production of the Youth Assembly at the United Nations which brings thousands of youth leaders together to build skills for global development.  The Foundation is recognized for its annual Rhythms of One World Choral Festival, which brings together hundreds of voices in celebration of the ‘birthday’ of the United Nations (June 26, 1945, signing of the UN Charter, “We the Peoples…”)     In 2013, FAF also released a new CD with 5 current UN Ambassadors Singing for Peace.  The foundation conducts cultural exchanges and volunteer service projects in order to promote a harmony between civilizations where cultural strengthening is often a key element to future peace building, while being mindful of working with local vendors and returning to developing communities so as to also promote sustainable development through its many long term or short, intensive projects within an LDC region.


Permanent Mission of the Democratic Republic of Sao Tome & Principe to the United Nations.              

H.E. Ambassador Angelo Antonio Toriello, PhD

H.E. Ambassador Angelo Antonio Toriello, PhD is a diplomat and social activist, with media and scientific background as well as a PhD in philosophy of criminology, LLM and a Master degree in Sociology (with specialization in behavioral observation related to the science of consciousness and integrated into quantum physics paradigms).  Beyond his social and humanitarian efforts, and since 1985, His Excellency has been a member of a scientific group involved in “after life” studies, related to experiments of consciousness in comotose states.  In the 1980s H.E. founded a business structure called Project Mystic Connection, through which promote a model of business relating one’s wealth to “Humanizing Business” by embracing a concept of what is essential rather than a politic of self-interest, alone.  Much more is available about the Lead Endorser and Visionary of Humanicy upon request.

“Peace is not something to compete for, while longing for a Novel Price; it is not an intellectual subject on which to dogmatize or a cultural contest.  Peace is a way to be and live.  It is an essential part of the true nature within us harbouring that which has just to be revealed…not achieved.  Like Art.  Art is Peace.  Peace is not something to talk about, it is a value to enliven by practicing it.  Like Art.”

It is by this that “Humanicy” has been coined and shaped by His Excellency; a word that he says is “hurling and urging to call back out that humanity often forgotten in the name of diplomacy.”