Humanicy: The Human Side of Diplomacy


The Permanent Mission of Sao Tome and Principe to the United Nations, in partnership with Friendship Ambassadors Foundation presents Humanicy, a program aimed to highlight the role of culture, arts, and humanities in shaping diplomacy.

  • Focus:  Why the Arts is the Diplomacy of Heightened Consciousness.  Advancing the role of the arts in promoting peace and global development, though the heightened consciousness it engenders.  A discussion with Civil Society actors about their work to improve intercultural dialogue that promotes peace and global development.  The heightened consciousness enabled and engendered by their art includes information that may be useful to diplomacy, generally.
  • Conference:  December 4-5, 2014 (to register, CLICK HERE)
  • Where:  United Nations Headquarters, NYC, USA.
  • Program:   2 Full Days in the United Nations Headquarters, NYC, USA; High-Level Seminars on the Role of the Arts in Development and General Peace-Building Worldwide; plenary sessions, Workshops, Round table Discussions; Art Exhibits and Film Screenings; Network, Live and in Google+Hangouts; Globally webcast events during Humanicy, planned from UNHQ
  • Leadership:  Renowned speakers and expert workshop facilitators; U.N. Staff participation at sessions; UN Goodwill Ambassadors, UNAOC involvement (invited) to address global perspective on Humanicy; Inter-generational Exchange and Networking among youth and mature, recognized arts leaders.
  • CultureFest:  Come to Barbados in March 2015 with us and join the fun!  For more information on CultureFest, please CLICK HERE.

Delegate Overview

Key Dates
Why attend?
US Visas Note

Key Dates

November 11, 2014 – Conference Registration Opens

December 4 & 5, 2014 – Humanicy:  The Human Side of Diplomacy Conference

March 10 to 15, 2015 –  CultureFest!

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The goals of Humanicy:  The Human Side of Diplomacy Conference are to…

  1. Advance the role of the arts in promoting peace and global development, through the heightened consciousness it engenders;
  2. To seek a clearer role for the arts and cultural exchange as the soft power behind long-lasting peace building and development;
  3. To reinforce the importance of a more artistic consciousness among diplomats and others who might better understand the underlying role of the arts and culture in general in shaping policy and civil engagement worldwide;
  4. To help underscore the importance of centers, such as NYC, in promoting global cooperation through the arts;
  5. Connect committed art leaders with opportunities, mentors, colleagues, and new associates;

Impact Assessment

Humanicy 2014 seeks a developed  role for the arts and cultural exchange as the soft powers  behind long-lasting, peace building and development negotiations.  See quotes for the vision of our Lead Endorser, H.E. Ambassador Angelo Antonio Toriello, PhD who reminds us that the arts, as creativity, can be a powerful tool for peace because they represent the truest will within all humans, to communicate and cooperate.  The global implications of Humanicy’s message will highlight the usefulness of what might be considered an artistic consciousness among diplomats and others shaping policy and civic engagement worldwide.  Humanicy brings together art presentations and discussions regarding the critical importance of mutual understanding in a world facing civilizational clashes, poverty, violence, intolerance, and a simultaneous explosion of youth in search of a better future and better world for generations to come.  Humanicy will also take advantage of NYC, as a global center for cultural consciousness that helps promote global cooperation through the arts – and more importantly, how other municipalities worldwide could gain in several ways from emulating this city’s success story.  From its inception, each Humanicy seminar will celebrate a thoughtful, global leader who through their lives, enabled our consciousness to be raised.  In 2014, Humanicy will be dedicated to the memory and legacy of Nelson Mandela.

From Our Patron, H.E. Ambassador Angelo Antonio Toriello, PhD:

“Art is not just a mere ‘entertainment’ to please our senses.  It is the profound language of a soul expressing its inner being to the external world.  Art is the unspoken language of human being’s creativity, a radiation of awareness; a speechless soul-to-soul dialogue to reach the heart, which is pulsing life secreted into the human body.  Art is after all the true language of the ‘he-art’ – our vital organ -, a viaticum engendering consciousness.  It is a medium – a passport – which allows us to cross borders, and through which human beings meet one to others beyond the boundaries of ideologies, beliefs and creeds, by transmogrifying tolerance into acceptance and eventually comprehension – a respect of the diversities.  Art evolves individualization into socilization, nationalism into globalism, becoming this, a gateway to sublimate human relations by promoting mutual understanding, harmony, friendship relations, cooperation and socio-economic development – and that, without having to renounce to our respective ‘national identities’.  Art is about vibrations, perceptions, visions, and that, transmutes hatred into compassion; war into peacefulness.  Art is the sound of creation, and that, metamorphoses death into life; our mortality into eternity”.

“Peace is not something to compete for, in the same way as longing for a Novel prize; it is not an intellectual subject on which to dogmatize or a cultural contest.  Peace is a way to be and live.  It is an essential part of the true nature within us harbouring that which has just to be revealed…not achieved.  Like Art.  Art is Peace.  Peace it is not something to talk about, it is a value to enliven by practicing it by exerting our responsibility as sentient beings.  Like Art”.

It is by all this that “Humanicy” has been coined and shaped by His Excellency; a word that he says is “hurling and urging to call back out that humanity often forgotten in the name of diplomacy.”  Back to top

Why attend?

  • To learn about the advancing role of the arts in promoting peace and global development, through the heightened consciousness it engenders
  • To hear great speakers and workshop leaders
  • To voice your opinions on the urgent issues of today and help make a permanent impact throughout the world
  • To meet other dedicated young people from all over the world  Back to top

Registration Process

For instructions on how to register to attend the conference, please CLICK HERE

Eligibility: Who should apply?

Art Leaders & Practitioners:  Professors, Cultural Leaders, Directors, Musicians, Artists, Youth Professionals & Young Leaders, University Students.

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All events at the Humanicy:  The Human Side of Diplomacy Conference are carried out in English.

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Regarding US Visas

  • It is the responsibility of each participant to find out if you need a Visa to enter the United States.
  • In case you need a visa to enter the U.S., we recommend that you apply to the conference immediately. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE IF THIS APPLIES TO YOU!
  • Friendship Ambassadors Foundation cannot make personal phone calls or requests on your behalf to specific Embassies or Consulates. Interference with the diplomatic and consular affairs by a host organization is not permissible, and reliance on such phone calls may slow your application process as well as decrease your chances of obtaining a visa.

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If the applicant does not appear to be appropriate for these proceedings, Friendship Ambassadors Foundation, Inc. reserves the right to deny or withdraw the right to participate in the Humanicy:  The Human Side of Diplomacy Conference for any reason whatsoever. Admission is by accepted advance application only, and FAF may revoke any unruly or inappropriate participants’ admission at any time.

Humanicy:  The Human Side of Diplomacy Conference is a project of Friendship Ambassadors Foundation, Inc. and the Permanent Mission of Sao Tome & Principe to the United Nations.  To learn more about Friendship Ambassadors Foundation and the Permanent Mission of Sao Tome & Principe to the United Nations, CLICK HERE.  Back to top