Promoting Good Governance and Leadership Training in Africa Through Professional Skill-Building and Exchange

Led by FAF Acting Executive Director:  Yin Chu Jou 

Hosted and Escorted by:  Aminu Danladi 


United Nations Headquarters

Permanent Missions to the United Nations

NGO and Other Resource Centers at UNHQ

FAF Headquarters, Greenwich Connecticut


Include meetings, lectures, networking at the UN Delegates Dining Hall, UN Touring, and other relations with state and international diplomats with relevant interest in visiting Delegations.  Program extensions include visits to Washington DC to meet with Embassy Leaders, World Bank, IMF, and other optional venues in both cities.

Next Program: Varies

Vary, according to need and availability.  Program dates customized upon request.  Contact FAF for opportunities for high Level Diplomatic Exchange programs, at friendlyam@faf.org.  All programs developed by the Senior Executive Artistic Director and Senior management teams.

Nigerian legislators meet with their Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Her Excellency Madame Ambassador U. Joy Ogwu, OFR; Ambassador Ogwu was President of the UN Security Council at the time of this meeting.  In the photograph on the right, Mr. Danladi takes notes at their Substantive Counsel Session (seated on the left).

Diplomatic Delegations’ Dialogue is a project of Friendship Ambassadors Foundation, Inc., a 501c3, not for profit, tax-exempt organization, whose mission is to promote peace through cultural exchange and skills-building among youth and governmental leaders to realize the UNs vision of “The World We Want”.