Mission & Vision


Mission Statement – 2014 – Founded and Incorporated as a 501c3 in 1973

Friendship Ambassadors Foundation is an organization with broad, international relations, that creates the platforms upon which transformative, intercultural exchanges, youth leadership programming, and humanitarian volunteer service projects take place.  These  programs often focus on the arts or service related to UN development goals, while building friendships, advancing mutual understanding, global cooperation, and sustainable development through cultural tourism, worldwide.

The Shared Vision brought to FAF by its Current Board, Advisors, and Staff 

To enable and enhance understanding among the peoples of the world by bringing diverse communities together in an atmosphere of culture, cooperation, and mutual respect.

Friendship Ambassadors Foundation utilizes cultural exchange to affect improved relations between and among cultures in need of strengthening as well as for the healing potential it provides to those affected by natural and made made disasters.

Beyond religion, business, or politics, and outside the realm of debate, there is a commonality to the human experience that only cultural exchange can reveal.  Working with cultural thinkers, youth leaders, academics, and arts organizations worldwide, the foundation has created useful programs that ease cross-cultural tensions, help people understand and value ‘the other’, and heal themselves in the process.

The foundation also facilitates the travel and exchange experiences of those groups that seek these types of peace-building and global development opportunities for their own personal and organizational development and for the long term, new and profitable relationships they engender.